SC⁺ Collection

Contemporary Concrete Tiles

Introducing the SC+ Collection: A Paradigm Shift in Contemporary Design

Unveil the extraordinary with our SC+ Collection of 3D Concrete Tiles, a masterpiece series meticulously designed to redefine modern interiors. This collection comprises five distinct categories, each radiating a unique charisma while collectively exemplifying the pinnacle of innovation.

Square Series: Embark on a journey of symmetry and elegance. The Square Series enchants with its clean lines, offering a canvas for both minimalist and intricate designs. These tiles transform walls into captivating focal points, playing with light and shadow to create a dynamic visual tapestry.

Hexa Series: Elevate your design game with the Hexagon Series. Its geometric allure intertwines art and mathematics, rendering walls with a mesmerizing honeycomb effect. Whether arranged uniformly or in complex patterns, these tiles infuse spaces with a modern, captivating rhythm.

Brick Series: Celebrate the essence of tradition with a contemporary twist. The Bricks Series pays homage to classic brickwork while adding a sculptural touch. These tiles seamlessly merge nostalgia with modernity, transforming walls into tactile narratives that transcend eras.

Rec Series: Redefine elegance with the Rectangle Series. Its elongated silhouette adds a touch of luxury to interiors, producing an illusion of spaciousness. Whether vertically aligned or artistically staggered, these tiles enhance vertical surfaces with a seamless interplay of aesthetics and functionality.

Uniq Series: Embrace artistic freedom with the Unique Series. These tiles transcend conventional boundaries, presenting sculptural forms that challenge the norm. Each piece narrates a distinctive story, beckoning creativity and turning walls into canvases for avant-garde expression.

Indulge in the SC+ Collection’s realm of possibilities, where 3D Concrete Tiles redefine spatial aesthetics. From the Square Series’ symmetry to the Hexagon Series’ geometric dance, from the Bricks Series’ nostalgic homage to the Rectangle Series’ elegant subtlety, and the Unique Series’ daring creativity — each category stands as a testament to our commitment to shaping exceptional spaces.

Elevate interiors beyond the ordinary, and let the SC+ Collection lead you into a world where design is an experience, innovation knows no bounds, and every wall becomes a canvas of artistry and imagination.

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Note: The colors on this website are as close to the actual products as possible, but variations should be expected. All of our products are manufactured to allow a tolerance of ±3 mm for dimensions.

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