Garden Flooring | Made of Concrete

This garden slabs faithfully reproduces the sense of weight of a real sleeper. Its moderate thickness allows for easy installation without the need for deep digging. Made of concrete (with glass fiber), it is resistant to rotting. Its hollow structure makes it lightweight and easy to handle. The deep, dark brown color creates a calm atmosphere in spaces such as approaches, terraces, and garden paths, making it a wonderful addition to any garden. Once installed, filling the joints with gravel, sand, or grass will provide a natural feel. However, it should not be laid in places where excessive loads are applied or where passenger cars enter.

Paving Sleeper


Code: PS-45

Dimension (mm): 450(L) x 225(D) x 75(H)

Weight: ± 8.6 kg/pc

Packaging: 96 pcs/plt


Code: PS-65

Dimension (mm): 650(L) x 225(D) x 75(H)

Weight: ± 12.5 kg/pc

Packaging: 64 pcs/plt



Code: PS-90

Dimension (mm): 900(L) x 225(D) x 75(H)

Weight: ± 17.0 kg/pc

Packaging: 48 pcs/plt

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When installing this product, it is important to consider the ground where it will be placed. Depending on the type of ground, it may be damaged by people stepping on it or riding a bicycle. If the item is heavy, we recommend full-scale construction, such as fixing it with concrete or mortar. Additionally, please note that the wood grain pattern and paint may differ from the photo. Furthermore, this product is designed for decorative purposes and should not be used to hold heavy objects or placed in areas where people or cars are riding. Due to its concrete composition, efflorescence may occur over time in areas that are exposed to water.