Garden Flooring | Made of Concrete

This garden slabs product is made of reinforced concrete and realistically reproduces the texture and color of natural wood using a unique manufacturing method. It eliminates problems such as corrosion, preservative maintenance, and oil seepage that occur with wooden sleepers. Additionally, the hollow structure inside makes it lightweight and easy to install. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as trimming the edges of plants, hiding soil, and preventing weeds. With its low height, it can be installed simply by placing it on the ground, and its lightweight design makes it ideal for planting on balconies and terraces.

Sleeper Border

sB Type C

Code: SB Type C

Dimension (mm): 450(L) x 100(D) x 55/50/45(H)

Weight: ± 3.2 kg/pc

Packaging: 272 pcs/box

SB Type D

Code: SB Type D

Dimension (mm): 450(L) x 100(D) x 50(H)

Weight: ± 4.2 kg/pc

Packaging: 272 pcs/box


SB Type E

Code: SB Type E

Dimension (mm): 450(L) x 100(D) x 50(H)

Weight: ± 3.1 kg/pc

Packaging: 272 pcs/box

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Please note that there are variations in size, color, shape and weight. Due to the different types of wood grain patterns used, the product you receive may differ slightly from the image shown. It is important to keep in mind that the base of the product may be unstable on soft ground and stepping on it may cause damage. The product is not suitable for driving on as it is designed to withstand human walking strength. As a concrete product, there may be some chips and rubbing marks present. Additionally, efflorescence, which is a white residue caused by calcium, may occur depending on the usage environment. It is worth noting that this phenomenon typically occurs in bricks and concrete products.